Accounts Payable Transaction Entry

AP Transaction Entry

AP Transaction Entry

Whether you are new to Microsoft Dynamics GP or need to review how to enter an Accounts Payable transaction then this blog from Alta Vista Technology is for you!

A basic voucher you can go to Transactions > Purchasing > Payables Transaction Entry. From here you can enter an invoice or credit memo. For most users, the most important fields aside from the document type and the required fields is the purchases amount and the 1099 amount. Filling these in correctly accounts for most of the accuracy needed for this form.

Entering transactions in a batch seems to be an extra step for many users but it’s a good habit for most users. It allows users to review transactions before posting while being a fairly simple step. A batch ID can be as simple as today’s date or your initials.

The “Distribution” button should be selected to review/enter the appropriate GL Accounts. Once all the information has been input into the payable, the transaction can be saved and last the batch would need to be posted via the Master Batch posting window.

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