Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Combined

Microsoft’s long-awaited promise of a single online solution to handle the CRM, Operational, and Accounting needs of its users came one step closer when they announced Dynamics 365 would be available in November of 2016. This single offering would allow users to manage field service, sales, financials, marketing, operations, and customer service.

It’s a confusing offering for longtime users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular, but there’s a few key points to bear in mind:

  • Current customers of Dynamics CRM Online won’t see their current pricing change during their current contract year. Those customers can add users and otherwise use the software without any immediate changes to their fee structure.
  • At the end of their contract year, current Dynamics 365 customers will have new pricing models available to raise or lower the functionality available to their users. The ability to mix-and-match the pricing can mean some savings, or additional functionality for additional cost.
  • A transitional pricing plan does exist for those current Dynamics 365 customers looking to add more functionality so they can move into larger plans.
  • For the first time Microsoft is embedding ERP and Operational functionality into Dynamics 365. Previously discussed under the codename “Madeira,” the option to have “Business” or “Enterprise” accounting and operations functionality was introduced.

Clearly this is a profound change in the product direction from Microsoft that we all will be looking into with great anticipation.

The video below contains a First Look at Dynamics 365.


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