Cloud-Based Implementation = Accounting Efficiency

Relying on redundant data entry, non-integrated spreadsheets, and lengthy reporting time? Perhaps it’s time to change and increase accounting efficiency. If those phrases describe your financial processes, then you’re not making the best use of your company’s resources. What if you could save time and money, and increase productivity, all with one implementation? You’d jump at the opportunity, right? Even better, you’d jump into the leading Cloud-based solution: Intacct.

Software review site, TrustRadius, depicts customer satisfaction data points through its TrustMaps™— a visual depiction of the best software products as rated by users on TrustRadius within each market segment. In their recent Buyer’s Guide to Accounting Software, Intacct was named a Top Rated solution across all customer size categories—the only vendor to achieve this. TrustRadius analyzed more than 700 reviews and ratings of nearly 20 different accounting software products.

Sounds great, right? But exactly how will a cloud-based platform improve and increase your SMB’s accounting efficiency?

Start Saving, Right out of the Gate

As soon as you switch to Intacct, you immediately and significantly reduce IT costs. Just imagine, no more outside consultation for every major upgrade; and say goodbye to that server locked up in the supply room closet. With a cloud-based accounting solution, everything from your real-time data to all software updates, is stored in the cloud. You can reallocate that saved money and put it towards another area to drive your business forward.

You’ll also appreciate the relative short adaptation period for your employees. Void of any complex formulas or abstract processes, Intacct is intuitive in its set-up, allowing for ease of navigation and adaptation. Your employees, without any prior training, will be productive and using Intacct within a few hours.

Save Time, Save Money

Even with a great new cloud-based accounting solution, you’ll still need to submit month-end reports, invoice customers, sometimes weekly, monthly, quarterly, even annually. The difference lies in the source of the reports. With its financial reporting module, Intacct already has up-to-date, real-time data on which to base those reports and invoices so you don’t have to rely on a spreadsheet, or worse, multiple consolidated spreadsheets. What used to take weeks will be condensed to hours and days. Use of the module will allow your staff to analyze the data instead of spending the time to manually input, process and produce a less than accurate reports.

Increase your SMB’s accounting efficiency by embracing a cloud-based solution, and let Intacct pave the way. Contact Alta Vista Technology today.