GP Feature Focus: Email Enabled: Forms for Purchasing, Invoicing and Sales

Previously, only the blank document forms for purchasing and sales orders were available. Now, with Dynamics GP 2015 R2 updates, short, long, and other forms are available for Sales Order forms and documents; and the ‘other’ forms are available for Purchase order forms. Better yet, they’re all email enabled. So what does this mean to you?

Net Benefits of Being Email Enabled

For Sales Order documents, you can now send short, long, and other documents formats. Previously, only the blank format was email enabled. For Purchase Order documents, you can now send ‘other’ document formats in addition to the blank format.

You’ll also have a number of ways to utilize these new functions. First, from the Web Client, simply select and click. There’s nothing to set up and no difficult processes to navigate before using. From the Desktop Client, you’ll have three different options. The use of each will depend largely on how often you anticipate using a given form. For example, if there’s a form that you want to send via email, you could use any of the three options; however, if you only plan on using the form one time, or very infrequently, you may want to utilize the first option, or Desktop Client, Option 1.

Desktop Client Option 1

Utilizing this first choice may be the best option if you don’t plan on using the form to be email very often. For example, if you’re creating a purchase order form for a one-time vendor, this may be the best option because you won’t need to save it as a template for future use. Option 1 involves simply printing the desired form and enable as a one-time template.

Desktop Client Options 2 & 3

Utilizing these 2 options is more suitable for emailing those forms that will be used on a frequent or regular basis. Creating and saving a purchase order form as a desktop template would be suitable when creating purchase orders for the same vendor, with the same items and quantities. For example, if ACME Hardware & Construction Supply Co. has a standing contract for 100,000 linear feet of 40 grit sand paper to be delivered at quarterly, the overseeing purchase manager will need to create 4 purchase orders. By saving this particular order form as a template, the manager only has to create it once and save. Gone are the days of navigating through the purchasing menu to locate the form, input the vendor information and save before emailing. Net benefit? Time (and money) saved.

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