Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense for Nonprofits

If you are like most nonprofits, you are experiencing increased pressure, oversight, and demand for transparency from all sides. Whether your focus is government compliance, competition for funding, or accountability for outcomes, it is more important than ever that you have the edge in technology tools that improves your efficiency, reduces your costs, and increases your visibility. This is why more nonprofits are relying on cloud computing.

Significant enhancements and adoption of cloud computing have opened the door for you to greatly benefit from the latest technology innovations. At the same time, you likely have questions and concerns around cloud computing. Let’s see if we can address these things by demystifying cloud computing and identifying its key benefits.


According to the most recent Nonprofit Technology Network1 survey, over 90% of respondents are using some kind of cloud-based software solution. Once an organization is successfully utilizing a cloud solution, it is likely to use more. In fact, of the nonprofits reporting, 80% were using more than one cloud solution for applications like email, project management, and video conferencing. While this situation is a pretty dramatic shift, there are still questions and uncertainties about moving critical applications (like accounting and financial management) to the cloud that we address from the perspective of nonprofit organizations in this piece. When asked why they were using cloud solutions, the nonprofits surveyed listed primary drivers as mobility and cost.

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