Why You Should Integrate Your Financial System to Microsoft Dynamics CRM: From a Controller’s Perspective

A controller’s primary tool is an ERP system since all of the financial information is stored there, but that does not mean that they are not invested or interested in the details from other departments across the organization.

The finance department is typically solicited to pull financial data because other groups may not have access to this information and they require these details to analyze their operations or client activities. By integrating your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP systems, other key members within the organization can pull their own reports to analyze their data in real time whenever they need it and without relying on the finance team to create these reports for them. Reports that are typically requested by other departments to the finance group are the following:

  • Sales & Marketing: Customer sales and margins
  • Sales & Marketing: History on customer payment patterns and current outstanding balances
  • Operations: Key performance metrics regarding products and backlogs
  • Human Resources: Employee salary details and other benefits

By integrating your financial system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it makes it easier to share this information with other departments so that everyone is reviewing and analyzing the same data.

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