Cannabis Companies Thrive By Connecting Seed to Sale and Accounting

Growth in any industry is exciting, but few industries have seen the same gold-rush excitement and nervous apprehension as in the cannabis space. The cannabis industry experiences the same routine challenges of any agriculture, distribution, or retail operation. But the explosive growth of the sector has brought its unique set of challenges. Especially with handling seed to sale and accounting solutions.

On top of all the normal operational concerns, cannabis companies need to have a scalable accounting solution.

Because in the cannabis world, it’s not a question of IF you’ll be audited… it’s WHEN.

The Best Seed to Sale Solution

Alta Vista Technology has worked with the industry’s top rated MJ Freeway Platform to link the best-in-class seed to sale solution in the cannabis space with the AICPA’s only preferred financial management solution. With the best-of-breed solutions – no matter where you fit in the cannabis space, you can right-size your software. Meanwhile, you have the peace of mind that you’ll survive an audit.

The explosive growth in the industry has brought its share of latecomers trying to cash in. But the established expertise in mature offerings through the MJ Freeway Platform and the great functionality provided with Sage Intacct gives full-featured capabilities to everyone, regardless of they are in the cannabis journey.

Built to Scale

The cannabis industry is diverse. Growers, distributors, and retail operations have their unique challenges. Some need all the functionality to handle the end-to-end needs of the entire industry. Others are starting small and looking to expand.

That’s probably the best part. Regardless of where you are in your growth cycle, you can find the right-sized solution that will grow right along with you. You too can have a seamless Seed to Sale and Accounting system leaving you more time to nurture your business.

If you are a cannabis company that is looking to get more connected before you experience massive growth or are rapidly expanding right now we would love to help you. Give us a call at 855.913.3228 or send us an email at You can even fill out our simple web form and someone will reach out to you within 1 business day!