The Future of Distribution Accounting with Dynamics Business Central

It’s no secret that on-premises accounting upkeep is becoming more expensive. Updates and upgrades are also few and far between for these systems, limited by increasing hardware requirements and IT support. This is why companies like Microsoft have chosen to pivot to the cloud. Heavy users of their Dynamics Great Plains, or GP, software have been used to the same old same old for years. One of the largest segments of GP users are those in the distribution and warehousing industry. Now distribution accounting is making a shift to the cloud, and Microsoft is still there to give you the quality you expect from the name you trust. This time with new features and upgrades that make your process more seamless and less time-consuming. Enter Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Native Relationship Management

Many GP users also use Microsoft’s CRM system, Dynamics for Sales, to track their contacts and accounts. Working in an ecosystem is glorious, everything tends to just work. But with the advancements in Microsoft’s Relationship Management, the connection to GP gets tougher and tougher.

Dynamics Business Central has a native connection to Dynamics for sales, including an Outlook connection. You can make notes and pull information on accounts directly in your email. You can also attach emails to accounts and reference invoices and other account information from BC without leaving Outlook. This straightforward connection saves time bouncing between application and digging to find your files. It also organizes your communication and gives you all the information you need in one place, making sure you are using all of the correct information to communicate efficiently.

Outside of Outlook, Business Central also integrates directly with Dynamics for Sales. You don’t need to leave BC to access contact information for vendors or contacts. One system to access all of your information.

Sales Forecasting & Demand Management

Managing inventory is a balancing act of providing great customer service while managing inventory costs. Less inventory requires less working capital but being unable to fulfill customer orders due to stock-outs or delays can result in missed sales. The Sales and Inventory Forecast extension predicts potential sales based on item historical data, then suggests replenishment requests to your vendors.

When your system works for you it’s an automatic win. You may discover trends that have gone unnoticed for years. As a result, your system becomes more efficient and your turnover numbers decrease. With machine learning, over and understock becomes a thing of the past. Consistent stock levels also drive customer success. Having stock when your customers want it leads to more positive reviews, better customer service, and higher sales numbers.

Full Warehouse Management

Whether it is bin management priority, zone picking, cross-docking, or direct put-away Dynamics Business Central is a complete warehouse solution. For a while, Distribution accounting seemed to have stagnated. However, with the rapid adoption of the cloud and the increased development, there is room for innovation still.

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