Crossing Over: Leveraging Consumer Technology in the ERP Space

Consumer products are ever evolving. The tech space has exploded with devices and software beyond what we could have comprehended even 15 years ago. With some of these devices taking a hold on the modern family we begin to think, “Could some of this tech find its way into the ERP space?”. I have been giving this a bit of thought lately and there is one thing that is perfect for the transition. Amazon Echo.

21st Century AI

To bring everyone up to speed, Amazon Echo is a line of devices made by Amazon (the digital marketplace) that utilizes an AI named Alexa. You can use this in-home speaker to play music, update you on weather, make phone calls, hear the news, play games, and much more. They are super cool and I have used one for a little over a year now (mostly for Jeopardy). My thought recently, however, was different. What if you could use the power of echo to help run your business?

Imagine this. You have a business with an accounting department, as most do. You are looking for a way to make data entry a little easier. In comes Echo. In theory, each of your accountants could have this little digital friend sitting on their desk that could have a direct integration with your ERP system. All this would take is a team to build the integration for you between the device’s software and your system. Imagine saying, “Alexa, when was X business’ last invoice paid?” and getting a response. Imagine then telling Alexa to send them a reminder email. The thought is crazy but is in no way out of the realm of possibility.

The Future of Automation

This crossover goes along the line that most businesses are following which is automation. By being able to speak your steps and have the device carry them out for you, time is saved. If you are really good you could be doing other work while speaking your requests. Bringing in tools and software to make work life easier is what advancement is all about. A little phrase I like to use is, “Don’t stagnate, innovate”. Find new solutions using existing products to advance. With the slew of new technology being introduced every day, the possibilities seem endless.

A good place to start is by getting your software up to date. This is our specialty. Alta Vista Technology is a premier ERP consulting and solutions firm with over 250 years of combined experience and we want to help you. If your current ERP system is feeling a bit outdated or small give us a call at 248.733.4504. Let us review your processes with you and fit you with a product that best suits your business. We take pride in being part of your solution.