Marketplace Spotlight: SalesPad for Cloud-Based Distribution

SalesPad is a marketplace solution that has been a fixture in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community for ages. Now SalesPad is making it easier than ever for distribution and supply chain companies to move their operations to the cloud. The familiar tab-based layout that users have loved is now available as a cloud-based distribution solution.

Imagine warehouse employees having access to SalesPad so they can perform the operations that keep your inventory moving. They have barcoding ability for the pick-pack-ship processes. Sales Orders can be entered or fulfilled. Purchase Orders can be entered as well, along with Stock Counts and Assemblies. Put simply: they handle the entire supply chain in SalesPad.

What About the Accounting?

When using SalesPad, your inventory movement happens there, in an established, trusted system. But all the accounting can happen in an award-winning solution like Sage Intacct. So SalesPad focuses on what it is excellent at; handling inventory, sales, distribution, and customer service needs. It lets users leverage barcoding to move inventory efficiently. SalesPad then integrates posted sales invoices, returns, vendor invoices, and inventory transactions as journal entries.

Getting the granular reporting Sage Intacct provides while letting operations happen in a dedicated system is yet another option for customers as everyone rushes to the cloud.

No One-Size-Fits-All

The beauty of a best-in-class system like Sage Intacct is that it gives us a multifaceted, robust set of options. Depending on the individual needs of our clients we work hard to deliver the right overall solution. Clients on solutions already running Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad, for example, can keep the parts of the software they know and love, all while moving into a modern offering.

It’s like moving your system into the future, and today is that future. So if you are looking for a cloud-based distribution solution and SalePad looks like a great fit, let us know. You can drop us a line at 855.913.3228 or shoot us an email at You can even fill out our easy web form! At Alta Vista Technology, we take pride in being part of your solution.