Microsoft Dynamics GP: The VPN Struggle

In the rapid shift to a remote workforce, many companies did not have the chance to properly plan and test a remote work strategy.  We have talked with several customers that had employees take their office workstation home. From there they attempt to start working on Microsoft Dynamics GP over a VPN, connecting remotely to their office network.

While this, in theory, will work, it is not an efficient communication method between the software on the workstation and the database on the server at the office. Not to mention, Microsoft does not support GP using this setup.

The VPN Slowdown

The communication while on a VPN takes longer than when you are in the office. Think of it as sending a letter to someone who lives a few blocks away using standard mail (“Snail Mail”). If you take the letter to the post office and the destination is within that office’s area the letter will be delivered the next day. That is what happens when you are using GP in your office. You are in the server’s “local area”. Fast and efficient communication.

Now take the same letter to a mailbox and have it routed to a processing center.  Once the mail is sorted, it is sent to the local post office where is then put out for delivery and delivered. At best, that is a 3-day process. This is what happens when you work in Dynamics GP from home using a VPN. There more destinations to choose from and much more communication happening. All if this causes system lag and an unstable connection. There are even cases of data loss or corruption due to a slow or bad connection. However, there are solutions that make working in GP from home easy and safe.

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