Multi-Tenancy: Cloud ERP’s Money Saving Move

Multi-Tenancy has become a must-have in the cloud ERP space. It saves money, time, and can assure that your systems are consistently up to date. But first I think we need to explain exactly what single and multi-tenancies are.

A single-tenancy is your old traditional system. Normally it involves an on-premise system or a single business cloud. Single meaning one, tenant being your company. A multi-tenant system is the direction that cloud ERP systems such as Sage Intacct have gone. Systems like these house all of their clients in one database but still allow you to customize your system to the needs of your business.

Think of it as a subdivision. You all live in the same community with the same name but you each have your own house to decorate as you please. The most important point is that your doors are locked and no one else can get in.

Seeing Green

One of the biggest upsides to a multi-tenancy platform is the cost savings. As we covered in a previous blog, on-premise systems can get very expensive very quickly. Adding users can mean adding hardware and installation charges. With a multi-tenant cloud ERP system, those charges come way down. Generally, when you want to add a user to this new system you just add them and incur the monthly or yearly added user fee.

Multi-tenancy means one version of the software, not multiple versions.  One version to support.  Always on the current version.

You also save money on updates. When you update an on-premise system what do you do? Do you stumble through it yourself or do you bring in an IT person to update it for you? It service can get very expensive. Now with multi-tenant cloud system the updates are handled for you. It becomes the job of the company to run the updates and it is far easier because all the systems run on the same base level of code. Another area you would spend money has been eliminated!

Growing Your Business

A huge advantage to multi-tenancy is the ability to scale up. Like previously stated, adding users is a breeze. Just add them to your plan and the access is granted in no time. You also face less downtime or slow movement when carrying out heavy tasks.

Have you ever tried to run a report and felt like your system was going to choke? This is a huge downfall of on-premise systems. Drags like this cost you time and money. With a cloud system and everything in one place, you harness the power of the provider’s system. A small project and large project weigh the same and there is no lag time. In a world where efficiency is key, this is priceless.

How Do I Take Advantage?

Making the switch to the cloud can seem daunting, but help is available. You need to have a good understanding of what is needed to move and the processes that take place to get you there. That’s where we come in. At Alta Vista Technology we make the process as painless as possible. Call us today at 248.733.4504 to schedule a consultation and let us take you to the cloud. Alta Vista Technology is one of the premier ERP partners in Michigan and we want to help your business thrive.