Nonprofit Accounting Upgrades Jump to the Forefront

Nonprofit organizations overwhelmingly choose Sage Intacct as their ERP of choice for good reason. Of course, being the only cloud accounting solution endorsed by the AICPA is enough reason for most. But most other accounting systems fail to grasp NFPs need to maintain strict compliance while being efficient and easy to use for end users. Does your nonprofit need an accounting upgrade?

If so, how does Sage Intacct help?

A Nonprofit Accounting Upgrade

Enjoy this video where video superstar David Valade recounts his Top 3 Features for Nonprofits as of this moment.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Sage Intacct has even greater functionality than we could fit in that video, some of which we can expand upon her.

Reporting and Budgeting Features

Nonprofits need budgets that can scale with every organization and reporting to match. In many organizations, the budgeting process is very manual, where spreadsheets are shared with department heads or fund managers and collected by accounting. That’s bad enough to make a single draft, but even more complicated when multiple drafts, versions, and re-budgeting takes place.

Sage Intacct has multiple ways to make budgeting life better.

First, the system natively supports uploading of spreadsheets if your organization is fortunate enough to have simpler budgeting needs. But for more challenging environments, there’s Sage Intacct Planning.

Sage Intacct Planning for NFPs

This module allows for an entirely separate interface for those involved in the budgeting process to either collaborate or work independently on the areas where they have budget responsibilities.

From there, budgets can continue to be compared to actuals in that module as well as automatically appearing in Sage Intacct itself to leverage all the amazing functionality users have grown to expect.

Automation Everywhere

Did you know that Sage Intacct includes native AP Bill Automation?

Users can take PDF invoices from vendors and directly upload them into Sage Intacct. From there, artificial intelligence and machine learning take over, pulling out the amounts and creating the accounting entry.

That inbound document awaits user confirmation and can even be routed for additional approvals.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sage Intacct even creates dedicated email inboxes that can be shared with vendors so they can email their bills directly into the system. Doing this means users do not even need to click the upload button. Instead, they focus on review instead of tedious data entry.

Pair that functionality with Vendor Payments powered by CSI and check writing can be a thing of the past as well. Imagine that.


Nonprofit organizations frequently use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or Donor Management software to manage donations and gifts. Those types of software specialize in managing communication with those supplying funds.

Having specialty software for those purposes makes sense, but often comes with the downside of disconnected systems.

Until now.

Instead of building Sage Intacct to require the building and maintaining of suites of code, Sage Intacct operates with a Best-in-Class philosophy. That means nonprofits can choose the best CRM or Donor Management system for them, with whatever mix of features and price that makes sense. Then Sage Intacct uses a robust API to connect the systems.

Having the systems talk to each other? Yes!

We Can Help

Nonprofits are specialized organizations with unique accounting and technical needs. Our experts at Alta Vista Technology can help choose the right system and best achieve your financial targets and mission, getting you the nonprofit accounting upgrade to move your mission forward.

Email us at or give us a call at 855.913.3228. You can also fill out our simple web form and we will reach out to you within one business day. At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of you solution.