Sage Intacct 2023 R2 Update Preview & Notes

Sage Intacct customers looking for information for the 2023 R2 update are asking one main question: where did the year go? It’s the second quarter already, apparently and the Sage Intacct 2023 R2 Update is here.

For those new to the Sage Intacct world, you heard right. We get four updates a year, each with a mix of quality-of-life improvements and entirely new functionality. Last quarter? We got AP Bill Automation built directly into the system.

The full list of features is available online, but here we call out a few features we particularly liked and wanted to showcase.

Create Expense Reports from Credit Card Transactions

Sage Intacct has had the ability to import credit card transactions to make for easier reconciliations and facilitate paying off credit cards when ready.

Sage Intacct allows for imports most everywhere within the system, so prior to this release uploads to multiple areas was possible. But, if we knew that one card would result in creating an expense that we want to book, that’s two uploads. Not bad, but that’s one upload too many.

With this release, by marking a credit card as an expense related card, we now can pull those expenses in all at once. For those that need to enter expenses, this is an example of a small change that can shave seconds or minutes off the process.

This feature was originally suggested by users, and Sage listened!

Added Visibility to Sales and Purchasing

Sage Intacct offers different types of licenses to match to the needs of the users. One type of license allows users to view transactions and have dashboards, but limited data entry. This license is sold in packs of ten and is ideal for so many scenarios.

Prior to this release, certain transaction-specific transactions were held back, but not any longer.

Now, strategically, you can expose purchasing and sales order transactions to all users for review. This is especially handy for those executives who typically want to review at a high level, but occasionally want to drop into any number of transactions.

Drilling Down from Reporting – More!

This is an example of a feature you maybe never knew you needed, but once you have it you can never go back.

Previously, financial reports could have multiple components and users could drill in on each component to see the transactions that make up each group. That functionality never gets old, it’s something that Sage Intacct users love.

But what if you wanted to drill in on the total? Well, now you can!

We always had that drill-in functionality, but more ways to drill into numbers is always better.

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