The Talk Around Upgrading Sage 100 & Sage 50

There’s a good chance that you have heard of or are currently using Sage 50 & Sage 100 as your day-to-day accounting solution. I’m sure the old legacy ERP system doesn’t need any new introductions. But with recent advertising efforts from Sage around C Series, there are renewed rumblings in the business world. Although Sage labels the new C series as a true cloud-based ERP solution, unfortunately, it isn’t. Let’s take a look at the current rumors surrounding Sage 50c & Sage 100c (also known as Sage 50 Cloud and Sage 100 Cloud) and what upgrading Sage 100 and Sage 50 really means.

Cloud Adjacent Products

Both Sage 50 & Sage 100 have been foundational software for companies building up and establishing basic financial processes. The recent introduction of C series allows users to connect via the cloud but requires plug-ins, and extra software. What’s more, it’s not easily accessible through a basic web browser. This can cause issues in regards to performance, accessibility, and downtime.

I have heard from multiple clients that users of the Sage 50 & 100 Cloud products have had issues with data corruption requiring restoration from data backups that are unnecessary in a true cloud solution. Because this software isn’t truly cloud, routine checkups and data syncs can cause downtime and delays in reports and performance. Although Sage does a good job fixing these errors, it does take some time to get those accurate reports. This strays even further from access to real-time data. To be fair, both Sage 50 & Sage 100 were not natively designed to be a cloud-based ERP solution which is fairly recognizable when using the cloud editions of the products.

The Price of Legacy Software

Putting these products aside, there are some common complaints I have heard about the legacy Sage systems. These complaints generally center around a lack of dimensions for singular or multi-entity organizations coupled with weak consolidation and reconciliation. CFOs, controllers, and accountants struggle with the inability to drill down into the data to get the metrics they need to identify areas of growth. as mentioned earlier, Sage 50 & Sage 100 are good steppingstones, but there comes a time in your business life cycle when new, more robust tools are needed to continue to scale and expand.

So, what is Sage’s current and future plan for the small to mid-market customers? Recently Sage named Sage Intacct their flagship product, a strong foot forward in providing a 100% true cloud-based accounting system. Built for small to medium size organizations looking for a scalable accounting solution built for growth. All while eliminating the need for costly IT support, backups, and disaster recovery due to data loss or corruption.

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