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How to Prevent a Breach of Your Financials

Security is a top concern for CFOs. And why shouldn’t it be? With ransomware attacks hitting businesses once every 40 seconds, security precautions are not to be taken lightly. This is particularly important when considering your company’s financials. Malware attacks are increasing in frequency, showing no signs of slowing down. So how can you as a CFO protect your precious data from malicious actors around the world?

The answer lies in the cloud.

Physical and Network Security

One of the big security features of cloud-based ERP is the strength of the data center. This means you get enterprise-level security no matter the size of your business. By having offsite data storage through the cloud, you pick up critical security features like redundant network components and standby servers. The cloud centers redundant power supplies and generators, ensuring seamless workflow, even after disaster. Likewise, these remote data centers feature 24/7 monitoring giving you comfort in the long and short term.

Application Security

Your ERP software must have top-tier security features built in. You want granular control over access, so the right folks in your team have the proper access. Your users need enforced password changes and automated session timeouts to stay on lockdown. Plus, access for everyone needs to include two-factor authentication where possible. This allows your team to access data on any computer, at any time, without losing the high-level security your data needs.

System Security

You don’t always know where malware can come from. The rule of thumb then should be to suspect everywhere. For that reason, you want a good monitoring system that allows you to prevent unauthorized programs, systems and users from gaining admission into your processes, resources and data. You can restrict access to data hardened networks and firewalls. Virus resistance can be reinforced through your software architecture and with minimum encryption. Finally, you want real-time activity logs that let you backtrack in case of a breach, so you know where leaks occurred.

Data-Level Security

Data security relies on have strong and accessible backups. This not only minimizes how much downtime you have to tolerate but also means you can recover data under the worst circumstances. Cloud-based ERP gives you continuous backups of your data with secured streaming to remote locations. Having full daily backups sent securely to redundant locations gives you the peace of mind that you need to keep your financials under lock and key while enjoying the benefits of cloud technology.

Alta Vista and Sage Intacct

There’s good news in this world of hacking and malicious attacks. With Sage Intacct ERP software and Alta Vista migration and support, you have access to all the security techniques above.

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With our cloud-based ERP solutions, you discover a new world of security and functionality that has never been available to small and medium-sized businesses. Talk to us today to find out if cloud-based ERP is right for your company.