Sage Intacct 2021 R2 Highlights

Sage Intacct customers are used to automatic quarterly updates, and the release notes for this quarter shows the continued march of progress. Here we’ll list just a handful of the features you can look forward to In the latest Sage Intacct Update.

Checklists Get Still More Functionality

First released last quarter, checklists can organize accounting tasks.


Now, report on checklist assignments, make certain steps contingent on other steps, import intricate to-dos, and organize your back office.

As this new functionality continues to grow, look forward to more and more functionality showing up.

Checklists are available on all Sage Intacct environments!

Closed Through Summary

It’s a little quality of life improvement, but as companies grow and add staff or entities, checklists can help keep track of where things are in the close process. But seeing close status on a dashboard would be handy too, right?

Now, from your dashboard, see either summary or detailed summary listings right on the dashboard. This is one of those “little” things that can make closes just a little bit easier.

Bank Recs – New and Improved

You aren’t still checking boxes on a bank rec are you? Those menial tasks are no more! Automatic downloads for bank feeds are available for everyone. Whether you have a bank or two, or a hundred banks, you can let Sage Intacct connect your bank activity to your general ledger and automatically clear the matching transactions for you.

But wait, how does Sage Intacct know what to consider a match? Why, with the handy Matching Rules, of course.


Add rules as strict as you need based on your banking needs, and you can graduate from low-level box checking to more executive thinking.

As small gains in productivity continue to add up, we can’t wait to see what our customers will do next.

You can be as precise or as lenient as you want to be.

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