Sage Intacct Planning: Budgeting for Employees

There are many factors, such as budgeting for employees, that have to be taken into account when choosing budgeting and planning software. The first major step is making sure that your budgeting system can integrate with your accounting. Approximately 90% of businesses with between 50-200 employees use Excel or similar tools to plan their year. They find themselves with spreadsheet formula errors, bad analysis, and crazy formulas that crash computers.

For Sage Intacct users, Sage Intacct Planning is a no-brainer. It is built by Sage Intacct to work directly with their award-winning mid-market cloud accounting system, so there is no disconnect. When we get questions around the budgeting and planning module, they tend to focus on employee management. Businesses want to know how easy it is to handle things like pay schedules, raises, and benefits. So our demo expert Dave took it upon himself to make a demo video, just to answer those need-to-know questions, to see even more than what is in the Sage product overview. In it, he highlights just how easy it is to do all of your budgeting for employees right within the module. No external software needed.

The Content

In the video below, Dave will show you…

  • Easy navigation throughout the module
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Setting salary and wages
  • Setting yearly wage increases
  • Adjusting wages for departments vs individuals


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