Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer (IVE) for an Impactful Year-End

Many companies waste countless hours manually pulling data into spreadsheets. Then they use this potentially inaccurate data in an attempt to graph and analyze their numbers, making decisions based on that past to predict the future. This lends itself to human error, delays, & less agility to respond because the data looks backward and not forward. Sage Intacct has solved this entire mess with Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer.

Data in a Whole New Light

Sage Intacct provides a unique way to transform your business strategy and decision-making with visual insights made possible with their Interactive Visual Explorer (IVE).


The Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer is exactly what its name implies. It allows users to interactively explore the business’s financial data using multi-angle and multi-dimensional analysis. Then it displays that data, letting teams understand those insights at a glance using 200+ pre-built visualizations available as-is with the ability to customize your own visualizations to fit your specific business needs and goals.

Making Accounting Easier

This solution is an ideal tool for any business to predict future trends with forecasting, clustering, and more. Helping you in your arduous task of anticipating future threats and opportunities, allowing you to narrate, package, and share results in just a few clicks.

Forget the manual effort, time consumption, or maintenance of a BI solution and start asking about Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer. Better yet, let us show you how IVE can turn insights into action and look to the future.

Whether you are just starting on your cloud accounting journey or are deep into research, we would love to help. Alta Vista Technology is a Sage Intacct Premier Partner and the number 1 rated Sage Intacct VAR on top software review platform G2. You can give us a call at 855.913.3228, send us an email to, or fill out our simple web form. At Alta Vista Technology, we take pride in being part of your solution.