Sage Intacct Named Top Accounting Software for Nonprofits

BREAKING: G2 released its annual ranking of the highest-scoring software based on category. G2 bases its scores on actual aggregated user reviews of software and services and Sage Intacct is the highest-rated accounting software for nonprofit organizations. This was the largest margin of victory on file, where Sage Intacct leads in all categories for nonprofits of all types.

But why do nonprofits prefer Sage Intacct over all competitors by such overwhelming numbers? Let us, the top-rated Sage Intacct partner on G2, tell you. It’s because Software like Sage Intacct is baking in critical features that Nonprofits rely on every day to make sure they have the most accurate and precise data possible, all at their fingertips at a moment’s notice.

Native Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting makes perfect sense for nonprofits. Organizations can streamline IT management without the heavy cost. No more reasons to nag an IT person or clean up disastrous IT issues resulting in costly IT support. No more upgrading old hardware or expensive updates. Money and energy that you used to spend on technology can instead be funneled to your core mission.

Your Data at the Drop of a Hat

Nonprofits and companies with small budgets and uncertain funding streams must be very careful with their finances. The best way to stay in front of issues and opportunities alike is to monitor financial performance and key metrics in real time. Accountants need accurate, updated data at all times to be the most effective financial stewards they can be.

Charitable donors expect to know exactly how their money is being used, as do organizations that issue grants. Nonprofits must also prove that they’re compliant with a boatload of regulations. Satisfying these demands for transparency and accountability requires excellent financial reporting capabilities. Automation can pull together more data from more sources in less time, allowing your organization to generate reports on almost any subject on demand.


With Sage Intacct financial reports, you get the agility and flexibility to quickly slice and dice the details that matter to all key stakeholders: investors, executives, sales, finance, and other departments.

  • Increase business agility through multi-dimensional visibility.
  • Dive deeper with custom reports, dashboards, or visualizations.
  • Reach peak performance with fast answers for confident decision-making.

Crucial Industry-Specific Features

Some software claim to be built for nonprofits, but it’s more of a sales pitch than a serious toolkit. The best software has features that specifically address nonprofit challenges like tracking grants, budgeting on a granular level, and completing 990 reports.

Centralized Management

Running a nonprofit is complex enough without having to hunt down information or figure out what other users are doing. Choose software that integrates more data onto a single platform with features that anyone with authorization can use. Centralized management helps everyone collaborate while eliminating a lot of the confusion and redundancy that make IT so frustrating.

At a certain point, your nonprofit can’t continue to sustain itself using basic tools like Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks. But there is also the risk of wasting your IT budget on a software upgrade that causes more problems than it solves. Instead of leaving anything up to uncertainty, proceed forward with a partner who understands what today’s nonprofits need from IT. And who better to help than the highest-rated Sage Intacct partner on G2? You can connect with the team at Alta Vista Technology to set up a free consultation today and let us put on the road to Sage Intacct, the top-rated accounting software for nonprofit organizations!