Sage Intacct Provides HIPAA Compliant Accounting

Top accounting solution provider Sage Intacct is doubling down on the healthcare and nonprofit service industries with expanded functionality. With Release 2 of 2018 Sage Intacct became HIPAA compliant. This opens the doors to several companies with strict information privacy regulations.

Regulations in Check

Organizations that must adhere to HIPAA requirements can now use Sage Intacct’s financial solutions to ensure the proper tools, security, and agreements are in place to support compliance. The Sage Intacct 2018 Release 2 offers:

  • A new advanced audit trail, allowing companies to monitor and audit access to protected health information (PHI) in support of HIPAA requirements.
  • HIPAA and HITECH certification by Sword and Shield, so organizations can trust that PHI is protected by appropriate security.
  • A full commitment to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, where Sage Intacct will now sign a Business Associate Agreement with eligible healthcare clients.

“Sage Intacct’s customers must act as stewards of data that is increasingly subject to privacy regulation. Our latest quarterly product update provides the tools to help their business comply with HIPAA and the new GDPR regulations,” said Dan Miller, VP of Product for Sage Intacct. “Beyond new product functionality, we’re also demonstrating our commitment to our customers that must adhere to HIPAA requirements by signing a Business Associate Agreement and certifying our solution with Sword and Shield.”

A Game Changer

This is a big deal for the healthcare industry. Having access to the best accounting systems available is paramount to creating the most effective process. HIPPA compliance is a huge hurdle that many software developers do not have the tools or manpower to guarantee and are therefore unable to serve several industries. Sage Intacct has proven its commitment to upholding the highest standards and requirements. By putting itself at the forefront of accounting, Sage Intacct should be considered by any company looking to make a change that affects their accounting system.

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