Sage Intacct R3 2022 Update: Allocation Automation

In the Sage Intacct R3 2022 update, Sage addressed those “quality of life” improvements that save a click or a scroll for users every single day.

The full 2022 R3 release notes have been published, but we’ll list our top two features here.

Dynamic Allocations Get Huge “Small” Feature

We’ve been huge fans of the Dynamic Allocations module:

We have two kinds of allocations in Sage Intacct. The Transaction Allocation lets you spread revenue or costs over many dimensions based on a monthly-static set of assumptions. Imagine allocating an expense to multiple departments based on square footage, for example. Or evenly distributing a legal expense to every company? Then it’s the built-in Transaction Allocation to the rescue.

But what if the numbers used in your allocation are changing?

That’s where Dynamic Allocations would come in. With a handful of clicks (or on a schedule!) costs or revenue could be automatically allocated based on numbers elsewhere in the system. The system could be set to allocate fringe benefit expense to departments based on wage expense, for example. Even though all those numbers are moving, the system can automate the process.

One thing that was tricky to pull off, however, was when you wanted to do an allocation per person or per project. Sure, you could do it, but some admin steps were required.

But now, we have a new option!

That “per dimension” option will be a HUGE win for those wanting to do per-person allocations. One simple setup will intelligently run for each employee as you onboard them, for example. No additional setup is required!

Accounts Payable: Split View for Attachments

If my job was to review accounts payable entries, that probably means opening the attachment for every bill I review. That’s an extra click on each transaction I touch.

Now, a per-user setting can tell Intacct to open those attachments automatically in a separate view.


On the one hand, it saves just one click for each thing you view.

On the other hand, it saves one click for each thing you view!

Wait, There’s More?

The Sage Intacct R3 2022 update has even more to review than we can cover in detail here. But fear not! Alta Vista Technology customers are invited to free quarterly webinars to learn more still.  Give us a call at 855.913.3228 or fill out our simple web form and someone will reach out to you within one business day to share more about Alta Vista Technology and Sage Intacct.