Sage Intacct R4 2021 Update: What You Should Know

What a year! Hard to believe it’s nearly over…  In a year where (ahem) Alta Vista Technology earned Partner of the Half and is in the running for Partner of the Year, Sage Intacct pressed forward with more updates to an already stellar product. That’s why we are here to recap the Sage Intacct R4 2021 update!

A few items of note are singled out here. If you want to look at the Sage Intacct video explainer of this release you can, or look at the detailed notes.  Don’t forget, Alta Vista Tech customers get free live demos of every quarterly release as a sign of gratitude.

So, on to the features!

Showing the Accountants Some Love

Sage Intacct has been adding more information to the screens we use all the time to have greater visibility into the accounting consequences of any given transaction.

It’s so subtle you might miss it, but now on most every type of document a “posting details” option is available. Tap on that tab and see all the postings related to that document.

It might not sound like the most important feature, but imagine:

  • You could see, for example, an invoice and with a click can see what GL accounts and entries were hit.
  • If you have both Cash and Accrual books, you’ll see the entries in each book related to your transaction, which will be different. This makes reconciliations a snap.
  • In cases where long, long entries are displayed you can filter on the grids to pick out certain attributes. Filter on an account or dimension or dollar amount to pinpoint whatever you might be intriguing.
  • You can see related transactions as well, like the entries behind the one or more cash receipts that were applied to the invoice.
  • You can drill, drill, drill to see all the entries and documents that intersect with the document you have.

This is one of those “Quality of Life” improvements that make using the system a joy.


Sharing is Caring

In the last quarterly release, Sage Intacct enhanced the Dashboards to serve as a hub of information. Billboards, custom navigation, and surfacing attachments all got easier.

With this release, Scheduled Report delivery got even better.

Previously, you could schedule any report to go to whatever email addresses you picked. These could even be non-Sage Intacct users if you had a need to share some information with those who need only sporadic updates or who don’t have the availability to log into the system.

This works great for so many reports – schedule them to go out daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever cadence makes sense.

But previously, if you wanted a report to go out only after accounting closed the books, you’d have to pick a date late enough in the month where you were reasonably sure the month would be closed. But not so late where the information would be stale. That was a tricky line to walk.

So now the fine folks at Sage Intacct added an option have reports delivered automatically after the financials are closed. This small touch simplifies life and gets information into the hands of those who need it.

Inventory Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Sage Intacct cannot, unfortunately, solve all the supply chain woes in the news. But with cloud-based software that can be updated to reflect changing times, we can handle new realities.

Most systems will take On Hand inventory, subtract out any on a sales order, and add back anything in transit or ordered from a supplier to arrive at “Available” inventory.

A lot of users will find zero issue with that math.

But some will. What if your “in transit” inventory is actually on a ship from one of your overseas warehouses and won’t be available to sell for a month? Or what if the purchase order you issue is likely to experience a delay because of those supply chain issues? Now a few checkboxes can tell Sage Intacct whether to include those quantities in what you have available to promise your customers.

In a fast-moving environment, the system can help you keep your promises. That’s sort of a big deal.

But Wait, There’s More

Again, every quarterly update contains way more functionality than we can cover in one article. The Sage Intacct R4 2021 update also includes enhanced change order support for Sage Intacct Construction and Real Estate (formerly Timberline) and non-profits will adore the one-click release of restricted funds.

But we hope this glimpse into the latest update helps propel you into another year of exciting updates. If you have any question or are not happy with your current level of service we would love to talk to you! Give us a call at 855.913.3228. send an email to, or fill out our simple web form and someone will reach out to you within 1 business day! At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of your solution.