Sage Transform 2021: Intacct’s Future Takes the Spotlight

The Sage Transform conference (formerly known as Advantage) wrapped up last week. Our very jet-lagged attendees reported back on the exciting news and developments that came out of the conference, mostly focusing on the future of cloud accounting with Sage Intacct. A few highlights follow.

Automations Abound

One of the wins Sage Intacct customers rave about is the enhanced efficiencies over mundane processes. As previously reported, one banner new feature expected soon is around AP Automation. Soon Sage Intacct will import PDF files and scan them with OCR technology to automatically update fields in Accounts Payable Bills. Imagine: taking vendor invoices directly into Sage Intacct, with no data entry required.

The handy new List View will make pulling in those attachments a snap:

Sage Intacct List View

Then, as that weren’t enough, the ability to automate the payment can do the rest. With this new technology enhancing the bill creation, the recently announced Vendor Payments Powered by CSI can automate the rest. Vendors can pick the payment method they prefer (check, ACH, virtual card…) and right from Sage Intacct it’s possible to hand off the payments.

The time spent with the data entry of entering and paying bills isn’t quite to zero yet, but it is getting closer all the time.

Ability for Mobility

Sage Intacct Mobile ApplicationPreviously, Sage Intacct was available via a web browser only. This was hardly a problem in virtually all use cases, since any browser was compatible. But with the push to more mobility all the time, as Accounting Today reported, the new mobile application is  on the way make accessing information even easier still.

Now, adding time and expenses, plus having access to dashboards from a mobile device is even easier.

Some of these functions were possible previously through an adaptive web page accessible on a mobile device, but having a dedicated application only strengthens the connections.

All in on CRE

Sage Intacct CRE (short for Construction and Real Estate, formerly Timberline) has seen a steady dose of improvements in every quarterly release.

The improvements keep coming, with deeper tie-ins with change management, more tracking on all the parts of CRE (labor, materials, subcontractor expense, and the rest) that you expect with the successor to Timberline.

Sage Intacct Payroll Powered by ADP

Previously, Sage Intacct’s incredible marketplace had all sorts payroll options to integrate with Sage Intacct. But soon, payroll will be available through Sage Intacct, powered by the trusted name of ADP.

Sage Intacct Transform 2021“ADP’s already a member of our marketplace, but we’re bringing deeper and newer integration soon.”

—  Pamela Novoa Ralli, Vice President of Product

As payroll has become increasingly more and more complicated, having a marketplace payroll solution has not been an obstacle for most Sage Intacct customers. But for those looking to have easy access to payroll processing directly within Sage Intacct… that time is nearly here.

Fun for Everyone

Finally Transform 2021 gave Alta Vista Technology a chance to meet with our partners and customers after what felt like a lifetime away. The world has changed so much over the past several years, but getting to see those long standing friends (even if it was from behind a mask in many cases) was a welcome change.

Looking forward to seeing more about the future of cloud accounting at Transform October 10-14, 2022 in Orlando, Florida!