Sage Partner Summit Diaries | Day 1

Day 1: Arrival – Sage Partner Summit

Here’s how we were greeted by Dallas.

With some of us traveling in from Detroit, Michigan, humid days in Dallas were, shall we say… surprising. Returning to in-person events meant figuring out how airports work again, only to go down the wrong path at DFW airport. To get to luggage meant having to step outside and walk maybe a quarter mile before re-entering at a different door. In that short walk, we took many breaks in the shade and only barely survived the ordeal.

Let the Festivities Begin!

Once at the hotel we started the session with a rousing kickoff and meeting with marketplace partners we haven’t seen in far too long.

The new Sage logo was shown, with the oft-repeated phrase, “This isn’t just a change of symbol, it’s a symbol of change.”

The highlight of our night was the generous gifts we received by virtue of achieving Platinum Partner status – an honor that only 16 partners worldwide achieved – where a select member of the Alta Vista Tech team was whisked away to the stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play to receive this!

The other members of our team went to an event hosted by marketplace powerhouse Venn Technology. Much fun was had.

The sessions begin tomorrow, including one hosted by niche celebrity and YouTube Star, David Valade.

Paparazzi are EVERYWHERE.

Daily Question: Was their BBQ?

Today’s answer: YES!

Are you attending Sage Partner Summit? Find us and say hi! We love talking to other Sage Partners and sharing ideas on how we can all grow together.