Sage Partner Summit Diaries | Day 2

Day 2: Learning – The Sessions

Sage Partner Summit is always jam-packed with informational sessions, panels, and generally great information to soak up. Some of our attendees are of a technical bent and got their fill of Sage Intacct tips and tricks. Sales and Marketing folks went their way and the presentations have us thinking.

Our one and only Scott Jackson did a presentation talking about the Alta Vista Technology Affiliate Program – a win-win connection with other partners to bring Sage Intacct to customers in need.

One attendee said, “This is one of the most refreshing programs in this space. You really ARE trying to collaborate.”

Scott got much applause. The rest of us were shocked by this as well.

After that, the content-generating machine David Valade spoke about videos in the sales and marketing process.

Fortunately, the limit of one autograph per attendee was a non-issue.

The highlight of the session was when an attendee commented, “Dave, you really are the total package.”

To which Dave’s heart grew three sizes that day.

Someone else said, “Too bad you couldn’t publish a video during the conference. You know, to soak up all that traffic.”

Way ahead of you,” we said. And then we laughed and laughed without really knowing why.



The Sage Partner Summit panel for this session was stellar, with each presenter having a different perspective. REALLY good talks.

Daily Question: Was their BBQ?

Today’s answer: Sort of. The dinner included mini hotdogs that you could top with shredded, barbecued pulled pork. This is what you do in Texas, apparently.