Sage Transform 2022: The Extremely Tired Edition

Sage Transform 2022 has been a trip. You know that scene in Pulp Fiction, where they open the briefcase, and a glow of light illuminates the faces of those looking in? We all remember that, right?

But what you probably didn’t realize was in the briefcase: the promise of full AP Bill Automation in Sage Intacct.

(Note: That was a lame. But your pal Dave the international YouTube celebrity hasn’t slept and he’s barely hanging on. Besides, we’re talking about full AP Automation! Imagine!)

Currently, in Sage Intacct, you can enable CSI to automate the payment processing. So, all within Sage Intacct, you can tell the system to just handle the payment side of a vendor transaction and then you’re done. Then the vendor is paid according to their preference, be it check or wire or virtual card. That functionality exists today.

But wait, you might be thinking. That’s great, that automates the outbound payments, and that’s wonderful beyond words. Also, your YouTube videos rock. But as awesome as this is, it doesn’t automate the inbound creating of bills.

Until now.

Directly within Sage Intacct, PDF copies of vendor invoices will be analyzed by the system and an AP Bill generated. All automated, ready to be approved instead of keyed, a click away from a payable being created.

Couple this functionality with the existing outbound automation and we have end-to-end AP automation.

Jules would be impressed.

Number of autographs given: Do credit card receipts count? Maybe the Sage Transform 2022 was just too nervous to ask.