Sage Transform 2022: It’s About to Get Real

Unlike our Sage Summit diaries, where we made sure we had BBQ each and every day of our Dallas trip, we’re splitting up the responsibilities for Sage Transform 2022. YouTube video sensation David Valade gets to recount his fun and learning here. In addition to his online prowess, he can take many pictures. That matters, he tells us, although we’re still trying to understand why.

Don’t Forget: People!

We’re back to in-person meetings, and got to see Alta Vista Tech affiliates like Devine Consulting and Atlasphere. You see people almost every single day through digital meetings, but then you see them in person and realize, oh yeah, you’re a real person too. Huh.

We also met up with friends at DATABASICS and look forward to meeting more marketplace partners as the conference progresses.

Verticals Everywhere!

Aziz Benmalek and Nancy Teixeira gave rousing talks about the incredible progress so far and the incredible functionality on the way in the coming year. We are under NDA and cannot disclose details, but look for great enhancements around:

  • Sage Intacct CRE
  • Sage Intacct Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Lease Accounting
  • SaaS Intelligence
  • Domestic Consolidations

By connecting all the different deep vertical solutions… well, exciting times ahead. As Aziz said, “Our time is now.”

Number of steps, according to pedometer: 20,241

Number of autographs given: 0 (but it’s early)

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