Setting up Sage Intacct Order Entry Approval Policies & Workflows

One of the great features of Sage Intacct is the ability to manage approval policies and workflows for the purchasing, accounts payable, and journal entry processes. This functionality is native to Intacct and is easy to set up and configure at any time. However, one area of Sage Intacct that does not have a pre-built approval process is the order entry module. Many clients use this module to manage their sales process all the way from initial quote to final sales invoice.

The Dilemma

We keep getting clients asking about setting up order entry approvals. These approvals would allow their sales team to enter quotes for approval by a manager before entry into the system. Additionally, some of our publicly traded clients have strict compliance/audit requirements. These requirements restrict the ability of certain managers/executives to book sales invoices, preventing gaming of sales metrics tied to compensation.

Since Intacct does not currently offer a native approval option for order entry. So we have come up with a way to utilize out of the box Intacct functionality (no extra subscription cost) to enable a robust and totally customizable approval workflow that can be applied to any or all steps of the sales process. You can configure this as a part of the implementation process or you can add it to an existing workflow at any time. Just remember you can customize this idea/format for any part of the order entry process as needed. Fill out the form below to get your free step-by-step guide on setting up your Sage Intacct order entry approval policies & workflows!

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Free Sage Intacct Approval Policy Workflow Download

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