Smartlist Designer Tutorial

(Updated May 22, 2016!)

Smartlist Designer has added great deal of functionality since debuting in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 for users interested in building queries to put better decision-making .

Smartlist Designer is not to be confused with Smartlist Builder, which was previously the only way possible to make custom queries of information living in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Smartlist Builder is still the more mature product capable of doing quite a bit more as of this writing.  If you already own Smartlist Builder, rest assured that you have a great product.

But Smartlist Designer (which is included in the base product) still offers a host of benefits once you know how to use it.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial of how to use Smartlist Designer in a real-world example.

Smartlist Builder Options

Note: If you are using Smartlist Builder (a wonderful, but different technology) and still want to get the security Smartlist shown in this video, we have a download available for GP 2015 and later.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 22, 2016:  With the release of GP 2016, we now have the ability to import and export Smartlist Designer Smartlists!  Now you can have this Smartlist for import too!


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