Azure ExpressRoute: CRM Security Evolved

I can’t tell you how many times a prospect or customer has asked me, “How safe is Dynamics CRM Online?” This is a valid question considering the fact that there are people out there, just waiting for the right moment to steal your identity via your credit cards and personal information. CRM Online users are simply reacting to the times and in response Microsoft has promised a solution to put these fears to rest.

Office 365. The Key to the Cloud

Are you ready? I’m about to ask you the million dollar question… “Does your company have Office 365?” Is that your final answer? Dramatics aside, you can’t integrate CRM On-Premise as seamlessly with Office 365 as you can with CRM Online. Therefore, if you answered yes to the question above, you need to seriously considering CRM Online.

Do What You Do Best

It’s often said that time is the more irreplaceable thing in life. You can earn more money, get a new car, or whatever your passion may be. Time, however is not for sale. To be blunt, your sales people and the processes they follow may be costing you time (and money). Let’s start from the ground up. Implementing a CRM system provides your sales team with the keys to unlocking customer data.

Haven’t Tried Office Groups? You Should!

Last week we talked about Office Delve inside of CRM and why you and the colleagues you collaborate with should take notice. However, Delve isn’t the only Office 365 tool that will help take your CRM to the next level. This “other” tool is known as Office Groups and it has been a part of CRM Online since this May. If you have yet to take advantage of this wonderful product here’s why you should.

No Internet, No Problem! Offline Capabilities feature for CRM Online

What’s the deal? In a recent roundtable discussion sat down with six Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs to discuss the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. When asked about the rumored Offline Capabilities feature for CRM Online, CRM MVP Alex Fagundes said, “It’s the first time we’re seeing a main component being available only in CRM Online.

Why You Need CRM: "Big Data" vs. "Customer Data"

Why You Need CRM Big Data One of the most frequently spoken terms in the world of business today is “big data.” This of course, is the popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data. Anything concerning customers, vendors, employees, competitors, internal IT systems and more is grouped into this bucket of facts and statistics.