Haven’t Tried Office Groups? You Should!

Last week we talked about Office Delve inside of CRM and why you and the colleagues you collaborate with should take notice. However, Delve isn’t the only Office 365 tool that will help take your CRM to the next level. This “other” tool is known as Office Groups and it has been a part of CRM Online since this May. If you have yet to take advantage of this wonderful product here’s why you should.

No Access, No Worries

Unless you have a near limitless budget you probably don’t have enough CRM Online licenses for every individual that you or your employees interact with on a daily basis. This may have been a pain before, but no longer! Through the power of Office 365 Groups you are able to collaborate with people across your company – even if they don’t have access to Dynamics CRM Online.

Let’s imagine that you are a sales representative and you’ve come across a large opportunity that requires input and involvement from many people in order to close the deal by quarter’s end. These technical experts and finance personnel don’t have access to CRM, but they do have an Office 365 account. As the forward thinking individual that you are, you create a group for your sales team and invite those people to join the group. Your entire team can share documents, conversations, meeting notes, and OneNote information related to specific accounts or opportunities. Rather than trying to coordinate meetings, wait on returned phone calls, and running around your office, you’ve chosen to “hit on all cylinders” from day one.

“Office 365 Groups” is a CRM solution that you can provision from your Office 365 admin portal. Once installed, you can configure the solution inside of CRM with a few simple clicks. If you’re still not sold on the concept of Office Groups inside of CRM then take a look at this quick video. If we’ve captured your interest and you’d like to take a test drive of this exciting functionality then contact us at Alta Vista Technology today!