Taking Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud

Since its inception in 1986 as a DOS-based accounting software, Dynamics Great Plain (or now known as Dynamics GP) has been a mainstay in the accounting world. The software is well established, tested, and proven. So it is understandable when we talk to customers that say they don’t want to move off of it. They are comfortable. Their system (mostly) works and they are used to spending money on IT services, emergency backups, and hardware upgrades.

What they often don’t realize, however, is that the move to the cloud not only takes away the need for the above-mentioned services but also saves the business both money and manhours in operation alone. What about the years and years (and years and years) of data that has been accumulated over the history of the business? I’m glad you asked because that is the entire purpose of this blog. To show how easy Microsoft is making the move to the cloud with their latest offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, but please, call it Dynamics BC.

Intelligent Cloud

Microsoft has been hard at work. They know that moving off their legacy systems (SL, GP, & NAV) is not an easy decision for most people. With that in mind, they created a sort of stepping stone to give customers a taste of what it is like to work in Dynamics BC with the data they are using every day. They call this step the “Intelligent Edge” and in the most basic terms, it is a data replicator. It takes the data from your legacy system, makes a copy of it, and uploads it to an instance of Business Central. It can even bring in a good amount of historic data as well so you can look at some trends. Now I’m amazing at explaining it, but check out the video below for a quick explanation from Microsoft themselves.

See? Getting your data into the cloud and gaining access to deeper analysis is a snap. Did I mention we do all of the work for you?

Just the Beginning

Now as stated above, this is just a stepping stone. It is meant to show the power and flexibility of the product. Proving the value before the big decision is made. They have also made incredibly affordable to test. All you need is a single Business Central license which can cost as little as $22 a month with qualifying promotions. After the connection is performed select data is replicated and you are free to explore the platform. You can get the lowdown on Dynamics Business Central over on our services page but it truly is the next generation of accounting software from Microsoft and has their full support behind it with two feature updates and upgrades a year. These updates happen automatically without the need for a manual installation. Right there you save in service hours before you even start!

The easiest part of this entire process is showing your interest! Let us know you are interested in Business Central and the Intelligent cloud by giving us a call at 855.913.3228. You can also shoot us an email at info@altavistatech.com or fill out our simple web form to have someone reach out to you. At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of your solution.