Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: What You Need to Know

Whether upgrading Dynamics GP, NAV, or SL users are facing at a substantial costs to stay on an outdated on-premises system. With hardware costs skyrocketing and emergency back up and recovery not getting any cheaper, Microsoft faithful are looking for ways to take the next step in ERP software. The logical choice is a cloud-based system with automatic updates and no backup and recovery expenses. Microsoft took all of this into account when developing their next generation accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now, to get started you need to know some of the basics.

What is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

Business Central is built on the trusted and proven Dynamics NAV (or Navision) system, but with a cloud twist. What sets Business Central apart is that it is 100% cloud hosted. This means that you eliminate the need for an emergency backup system for you accounting. You also get 2 free major updates a year that happen automatically (Alta Vista customers even get an early look at the new features before they launch). And unlike upgrading Dynamics GP, free automatic updates means no more cost for an IT person to take your system down and update it.

Another advantage of a cloud system is it is all browser based. You no longer have to rely on expensive server hardware or parts replacement. You can access you accounting remotely and securely from anywhere you have an internet access. Microsoft even went a step further and created the Dynamics Business Central App. This puts your accounting in your pocket, allowing you ta access your reports right from your phone. This gives users a little more freedom to move around in a world based on remote work.

What Does Business Central Included?

Cloud accounting systems are generally built using modules, making it easy to plug in functionality when you need it. This is all part of scalability. If your company grows and adds a new function or division that requires new accounting steps it can be done quickly, easily, and most importantly, affordably. This allows you to grow from a modest 10 person office to an enterprise level operation without the constant need to replace your accounting system.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Essentials comes jam packed with 9+ modules and over 100 functions to cover the majority of the needs of any industry. If you are a little more advanced like the service industry or need advanced manufacturing capability it is available too you in Dynamics BC Premium with extra modules and functions. The bottom line is BC has what businesses of any size in any industry need, adding new features and functions being all the time.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is probably the most common question and we are more than happy to answer it. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has 2 types of licenses; Full user and Team Member.

Full Users are those that require both read and write capability. Think sales people, customer service reps, accountants, controllers and supply chain managers. People who use the software every day as part of their main job function. These licenses start at $70 per user per month but there is discount on licenses for Non Profit organizations.

Team Members are the people in your organization that don’t deal with accounting as a main function of their job. Most users often fall into this category. These users only use parts of the system to view data, complete light tasks, enter time and expense or update records. The may also have heavy use of the system but not need full access or capabilities. Team Members start at $8 per user per month.

There is also system implementation to think about. You need hours to get the system in place, move any possible data, and get you up and running. Prices will vary between implementation teams but Alta Vista has developed plans for businesses to save money. You can check out our new Tiered Implementation Packages for functionality and pricing. Fill in the form with what you need based on the packages and you can get started in no time!

The Bottom Line

Upgrading Dynamics GP, SL, and NAV is a hassle. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the future of accounting from Microsoft. Whether you are a fresh endeavor or a time tested business they have you covered. If you would like more information and options, please head over to our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Information Hub to see all of the functionality, pricing, and packages we provide to get you up and running. If you have any questions you can always give us a call at 855.913.3228 or send us an email to and someone will reach out to you within 1 business day.