Conversations Around Accounting for Distributors Shift to the Cloud

With business environments changing faster than ever, your operation may not look the same as it did even 2 weeks ago. Even the distribution space is facing challenges it would have never imagined a year ago. Sure you still need people in the warehouse making sure shipments send on time and customers stay happy. But where is your accounting team? Chances are they are or have been at home struggling to keep up with your accounting system. This is why the conversations around accounting for distributors are shifting to the cloud.

Discussions Move Forward

Our CTO David Valade took some time to virtually sit down with Justin Velthoen, the supply chain solutions architect at QStock to swap stories and talk about the real issues facing distributors. Far-reaching advancements in cloud-accounting space have brought it up to par with older on-premises solutions. In many facets, it has gone beyond the capabilities of older on-premises software.  Now accounting teams don’t have to be in the office to get numbers from the warehouse workers. They don’t need to be on the floor. Check out their conversation to see just how far we have come in a short period of time. The possibilities are even greater than ever.

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