ADP Makes Cloud Payroll and HR a Snap with Sage Intacct

HCM (Human Capital Management) and payroll are two essential functions of every business. Each business handles employees and money differently to a certain degree, for better or worse. The way you process payroll and benefits also flow into your accounting system, and from there helps organizations manage their costs. Or at least it should. Unfortunately, too many companies experience a disconnect between their systems. Many talk themselves into having to enter payroll and employee information into an HR system in addition to the accounting software.

This is the exact reason ADP and Sage Intacct teamed up: to give you the best cloud-accounting software that connects seamlessly to the top cloud payroll and HR system available. Gone are the days of copying data between systems and clunky, over-complicated processes.

ADP Cloud Payroll and HR

Manual data entry, piles of payroll paperwork, and poor integration across systems result in lost productivity and compliance errors. But with ADP Workforce Now these problems disappear. Better still, a full-featured HR solution and award-winning accounting solution can both exist in the cloud, talking seamlessly with each other. That gives organizations of all sizes the functionality they need and lets them avoid infrastructure and ever-increasing server costs.

It’s no doubt that ADP is the leader in payroll and HR. They were named the “Top HR Product” and “Awesome New Technology” at the 2019 HR Technology Conference. Their ability to make employee data tracking, onboarding, and payroll as easy as possible in unparalleled. With ADP Workforce Now you can manage labor costs, boost productivity, and simplify compliance by automating timekeeping, attendance tracking, and scheduling. Access to your systems from a mobile device or browser saves time, makes it easier to manage coverage, expedites approvals, and improves timecard and payroll accuracy.

On top of all of that, ADP is extremely secure. It has to be.

The Sage Intacct Advantage

Sage Intacct users will tell you themselves, it’s the best accounting system money can buy and is worth the discussion. It provides its user base automatic, free quarterly updates, user-generated features, and the best VARs out there it goes unmatched. Sage Intacct has a massive 3rd party marketplace and supports a wide variety of integrations with and easy and open API. What Sage Intacct users often get caught up in however are complicated payroll and HR processes.

ADP identified this problem leading them to build a seamless,  real-time integration to Sage Intacct. This connection automatically enters your information in Sage Intacct as soon as you enter it in Workforce Now. It creates new opportunities for efficiency, productivity, and insight that can transform financial management tasks. As a result, they also help to reduce compliance challenges.

A Package Deal

When your HR and Payroll systems talk to your accounting systems, great things start happening. Sage Intacct has powerful dimensions and employee is a native dimension. That means being able to run financial reports by employees or groups of employees in just a few clicks. Want to see the payroll costs of salaried vs. hourly employees on the west coast? Now you can, and it can happen automatically. You don’t have to be a professional services company tracking the profitability of your workforce to get the benefits of this sort of analysis.

And it’s just so easy.

When you upgrade technology your intent is to make your job easier right? Then you go all in. In the end, your business will thank you. With ADP and Sage Intacct you get the best in cloud payroll & HR coupled with the only cloud accounting system recommended by the AICPA. Stop the time-consuming manual entry and risky data storage.