What’s New: Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 Update 1

The 2023 Wave 1 Update for Microsoft Business Central has been rolling out to customers the past few months and if your organization is using Business Central you’ve probably received some updates you might not be aware of. Let’s take a look at a general product demo as well as some of the highlights from the update.

Master Data Management

For organizations with multiple companies, this is a welcomed feature. When this feature is enabled a master company is set up and the rest of the companies are set up to synchronize with the master company.

You can select which tables to synchronize:

Renumber Document Number in Item Journals

To avoid fixing errors in the order of document numbers when you post item journals, you can use the Renumber Document Numbers action before posting.

If a number series is specified for the item journal batch, document numbers must be in sequential order when posting. To avoid errors when posting you can now use the Renumber Document Numbers action on the Item Journal.

Set Default Dimensions on Locations

A default location dimension was introduced several releases ago and with this release the default dimension setup on the Location Card is copied to:

  • Item Journals
  • Inventory Shipment
  • Inventory Receipts
  • Transfer Order
  • Physical Inventory Order

Analysis Mode

We saved what is the biggest change to the user interface to last. Users can analyze data directly from list pages without having to open the page in Excel or run a report. A new switch has been added to every list page once it’s enabled in Feature Management.

You can now work with your data in ways that are familiar, like Excel. For example grouping and totaling by customer.

You can add additional filter criteria and expand the results to see the matching records.

You can also enable Pivot Mode and create a view where the columns are due dates for posted invoices

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