BREAKING: Sage Intacct 2019 Update 1 Detailed

With a new year comes new updates! It’s an exciting time where users start to see what improvements and changes companies are looking to make to the software they use every day.

On February 22nd Sage Intacct is releasing the first update 0f 2019 ushering in a host of new features and updates. Several of these updates look to take direct aim at their biggest competitor, Netsuite. Below are some of the planned changes and updates to be made!

Project Billing: Transaction rules

Improved Profitability

  • More Visibility into indirect costs
  • Automatic billing for indirect costs with markup

Save Time

  • Labor billing on employee groups
  • Automate GL, apply markups, and generate invoices for inter-entity transfer costs.

Increase Utilization Accuracy

  • Reallocate hours to statistical accounts


Subscription Billing & Revenue Management

  • More billing flexibility with bill on % complete
  • Save time with hold/resume at contract level.


Advanced CRM Integration

  • Reduce implementation time with bulk historical contract sync
  • Ease renewals with renewal-only contract lines
  • More flexibility with separated bill to/ship to sync preferences and customizable reseller account types
  • Performance improvement on Oppty-Products


Inventory: Estimated Landing Costs

Enhanced landed cost in closed period

  • Enter expected/estimated landed cost
  • Reverse estimate and record actual when it is received
  • Automated closed period adjustments


Bank Reconciliation: User Experience

  • Streamlined UX
  • Import multiple files at once
  • Flexible match to find more matches
  • Quick filter and sort to find and match transactions
  • Increased performance for high-volume reconciliations


Dynamic Allocations: Groups & Project Billing

  • Group unlimited allocations and run once
  • Control the sequence and error handling
  • streamline reporting with allocation book stacking
  • Get email notifications
  • Couple with project billing to automate billing for allocated costs with markup


Global Consolidations

Manage a small set of journals instead of dozens

One journal for all entities, including:

  • Entity
  • Consolidation
  • GAAP
  • Tax
  • User-Defined


Enhanced AP Bill Approvals/Workflow

  • Prevent fraud and catch payment errors with permission-based approvals
  • Shorten approval time with email notifications
  • Streamline audits with approval history
  • Ease usage and adoption with consistent, modern UI


Out-of-the-Box Dashboards

  • New OOTB Dashboards each release
  • Financial ratios and cash analysis released in R1


Action UI: Enhanced Usability & Consistency

Get where you’re going faster

  • Personalized navigation
  • Favorites menus
  • Consistent user experience

Model the way you work

  • Personalized entity colors
  • Report display preferences
  • New report layout

Access the latest innovations


That is a lot to digest, but look at all of those improvements! If you are a current Sage Intacct user this should get you excited. You’ll have a lot of new features to play with and the ability to mold Sage Intacct into the system you want it to be. If you aren’t a Sage Intacct user there has never been a better time to look into taking your accounting system to the cloud while saving money in the process!

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