Automate Your Track & Approval Processes with Dynamics GP’s Workflow Document Attachment

Whether your Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) receive 50 or 500 invoices each month, tracking and approving them, along with the corresponding  purchase orders, can grow into an overwhelming task. Microsoft Dynamics GP contains several new features, including workflow document attachment, that enhance and streamline these routine and necessary processes.

The Challenge

Imagine: A trail of invoices arrives awaiting approval for payment. Sure, corresponding purchase orders and/or requisition orders are referenced, but you still have to follow up and obtain approval. So you hop to it and start following up: manually sending out emails and attaching necessary documentation so the necessary parties have the information needed for proper evaluation. At best, it’s time-consuming.

The Solution: Dynamics GP’s Workflow Document Attachment

Instead of requiring your controller and purchasing manager to keep track of and match all invoices and purchase orders, new features including Workflow Document Attachments, allow key personnel to set up a filter using a customized criteria. Implementing this function allows your financial tracking system to catch or flag invoices or purchase orders that require additional scrutiny (approval).

For example, you could set up a workflow document attachment in GP to generate notification emails and automatically send them to the required parties for evaluation and approval. In one subsection (Administrative > Set-Up > Company > Document Attachment Set Up > Workflow > Set Up), you could establish a criterion that would generate proactive correspondence and ultimately obtain necessary approval for payment. You could set up a workflow with all of the following:

  • Set a parameter: send notification to appropriate parties for all invoices (and purchase orders) exceeding a specific dollar amount.
  • Naming a specific department, officer or group for approval.
  • Automatic generation of emails with attached documents. This could include the original invoice, corresponding purchase order and any other relevant information or correspondence.

The Results: Time and Money Saved

By implementing a workflow set up with document attachment, you’ve almost single handedly eliminated endless back and forth manually derived emails seeking approval to pay an invoice. By setting up a workflow with your customized criteria, and including attachment of relevant documents, you’re providing all parties involved (payable, approvers, etc.) with a snapshot of the necessary information consolidated in a singular correspondence. You’ve not only saved time and money, but you’ve created a trail of documentation to assist in future follow up, should the need arise.

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