Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Features and Dates

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been steadily adding new features and functionality, doing a skillful job of addressing longstanding requests and forging ahead with enhancements leveraging the newest technologies. It’s easy to forget that the so-called boring features that might not demo especially well can make a profound difference in the work lives of the users.

But focus too much on small time-saving enhancements without keeping pace with emerging trends and a software can lag behind the times.  The last few versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP have balanced these goals well.  The eagerly-anticipated GP 2016 is no different.

While dates are subject to change, the impressive list of GP 2016 features will be available in May of 2016.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Features

The list of GP 2016 features is long, but a few notable enhancements include:

  • Import/Export Smartlist definitions from the Designer – perfect for sharing and archiving homemade Smartlists
  • Smartlist number field exports to Excel will be formatted more intelligently for better manipulation in Excel
  • More All-In-One views will appear, adding Sales and Inventory to Purchasing:


  • Payroll posting accounts setup will now include a navigation list and ability to export and import payroll posting accounts using Excel
  • Workflow conditions have been enhanced when determining what to do when next-step conditions are not met
  • And, of course, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client is now HTML5 compliant, which makes it accessible on all sorts of browsers not previously touchable. Running GP on an Android tablet? An iPad? Yes – and on any browser that supports HTML5.  The much-maligned Silverlight client has been retired and in favor of a modern technology.  This is a huge step forward.

Stay tuned to Alta Vista Technology’s newsletters and updates as we get closer to the release of GP 2016.

Also, bear in mind that Microsoft has previously only supported the two most recent releases.  The Microsoft Support Lifecycle page lists the relevant end-of-support dates to keep an eye on, but it’s good advice for those on GP 2013 and older versions to start checking calendars for a convenient time to upgrade.