A Quick Tip for CRM Administrators and IT Support Staff

We live in a connected world. At every corner you can see a plethora of tablets, smart phones, and laptops. This makes troubleshooting nearly impossible for CRM Administrators and often times, the entire IT department. The fact is that many end users install custom internet browsers on multiple OS platforms for multiple devices. Before you know it, these same individuals are reporting varying issues with core CRM functionality.

Raise your hand if you’ve seen this error before:

Yes, this error is completely unhelpful and 8 times out of 10 the log file is just as frustrating. Another common occurrence is when a CRM form has custom code applied to it. Browser alerts or actions are supposed to be set into motion from this code, but to the disdain of the user (and the person who authored the code) it does absolutely nothing…

Rather than digging through your JavaScript library or running the developer debugging tools it’s often a simple matter of opening up a second internet browser. Not all internet browsers are created equal. For example, many current CRM ISV’s still require Microsoft Silverlight to access the full functionality of the solution. This may not seem like a “big deal,” but Google Chrome ceased supporting Silverlight earlier this fall (since version 42). Additionally, Microsoft Edge does not, and will never support Silverlight. In other words, users taking advantage of a similar “Silverlight dependent” ISV will have to use Internet Explorer 11.

In an effort to save yourself some time sifting through various security and pop up blocker settings you can check out the link below. This free website will tell you exactly what internet browser version you are working from. As an added bonus you can also confirm that JavaScript is enabled (or not), verify a user’s IP address, and identify other helpful insights.

Link is here: Click here

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