Cannabis Companies Prefer Sage Intacct

Cannabis businesses are growing quickly, sometimes so quickly that they find themselves scrambling to cobble together simple, efficient processes that don’t get in the way while still following all the rules this industry requires. This extends to cannabis accounting software, and how most systems don’t have the capability to scale quickly. Let alone connect to vital seed to sale software.

Enter Sage Intacct – the cloud accounting solution that gives cannabis businesses access to financials that is ready-made for the challenges of this industry.

Audit Ready

The cannabis industry is subject to intense scrutiny. It’s only a matter of time before a regulating party wants to review transactions and assess compliance. Systems like QuickBooks and Excel will come up short… and fearing the inevitable audit is a terrible way to run a business, especially when a system like Sage Intacct has all the native audit controls endorsed by the AICPA built in.

Legal Entities are a Cinch

Other systems make having different legal entities so much so, so complicated. Logging in and out of multiple databases… doing that multiple times a day for multiple people makes simple tasks a chore. Yet, with more sophisticated cannabis operations, we often need to separate grow operations from distribution or retail sales. Sage Intacct allows users with security to see and transact over all entities at the same time.

Leaving Money on the Table – Tracking 280E expenses for painless year-ends and lower tax burdens shouldn’t be hard, right? A simple checkbox and standard reports, only a click away, can help cannabis companies track their transactions to make sure taxes aren’t overstated.

Indicators and Metrics

Sure, we need software configured to the unique challenges of the cannabis space. But we also need to make sure we have information at our fingertips to run the business. Imagine an up-to-the-second dashboard like this:

Having that information handy could change your business, couldn’t it?

Cannabis Accounting Software To the Cloud

Once upon a time, having full industry-specific features meant custom coding. Your system lived on a local server that you then had to manage. Not anymore… Sage Intacct in entirely in the cloud. Any browser and an internet connection can get you to the system, a system that automatically upgrades itself four times a year. Focus on your business, not maintaining your accounting software.

Your accounting system doesn’t have to be some painful burden you suffer through because you know that’s what’s expected. Whether you’re looking at seed-to-sale solutions or strengthening your accounting processes, why not use a system that can help your company run more efficiently, that’s easy to use, and can drive profits for your business?