Sage Partner Summit Diaries | Day 3 & 4

Day 3: Networking – Building up Business

Networking and learning, today at Sage Partner Summit.

First, one of the perks of our fancy Platinum Club status is having access to this swanky room:

If you’re thinking, “Oh, that’s nice, but it’s just a room,” then you aren’t understanding.

Dig, if you will, the picture: the expo area is enormous, and stopping by booths and saying hello to old friends and meeting new people has a way of reminding you that maybe you didn’t pack the most comfortable shoes, and this is a concrete floor underneath a thin layer of carpet, and we didn’t really need to wear cowboy boots because this is Texas, and yeah, that chair sure is comfortable.

Plus, there are snacks.

After a full day of booth hopping and session attending, the night finished with a concert.

Those of us from Detroit were confused because it sounded like country music, yet Walker Hayes wasn’t wearing a cowboy hat. Huh. More research is required.

This evening at Sage Partner Summit ended with us hanging out with marketplace friends at Data Basics. A good time was had by all.

Daily Question: Was their BBQ?

Today’s answer: Just when we couldn’t eat another bite of pulled pork the brisket showed up, so you know, we’re varying our diet. Our doctors will be impressed.

Day 4:

That’s a wrap! Travel schedules made for a light day. Now the work of putting all we’ve learned into practice over the next several days and weeks begins.

Thanks to all the wonderful people we talked to at Sage Partner Summit, and we look forward to reconnecting at Sage Transform 2022 later this year.

Daily Question: Was their BBQ?

Today’s answer: No. No no no and no. And never, ever again.

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