True Cloud Accounting for Distribution with Microsoft Dynamics

Distributors are challenged every day with increasingly complex vendor and customer relationships. Bringing a product or service to an end-user can be done by the producer themselves or handled by the provider. In either situation, you, the distributor, still have to manage those channels. That is why cloud accounting for distribution has become an increasingly popular topic.  

Cloud Accounting for Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package built for small to mid-sized distribution companies. It brings together finance, customer service, inventory management, warehousing, relationship management, and analytics all within a single product. Integrating data from all facets of an organization into a single cohesive ecosystem is one of the keys to success. Distribution companies must accurately anticipate both supply and demand to reduce the risk of stock-outs or a warehouse full of excess inventory.  

Business Central allows you to optimize your supply chain with flexibility and unparalleled access to data needed to make proactive decisions. This includes support order processing, demand management, and inventory levels. Thus improving operations, and strengthening your relationships with both customers and vendors ultimately impacting your bottom line.  

Refine Your Supply Chain 

Being in full control of your inventory is absolutely crucial to your bottom line. Dynamics Business Central helps you pinpoint the optimal time to replenish stock. Use sales forecasts and expected stock-outs to automatically generate purchase orders to remove manual tasks, freeing up time. Becoming more streamlined helps you keecustomers happy while also helping to analyze profit margins and keep inventory levels in check. Not having enough stock in inventory to meet demands can lead to customer satisfaction issues, but carrying too much inventory can negatively impact cash flow.

Set the correct inventory levels balancing fulfillment and inventory investment by automatically calculating stock levels, lead times, and reorder points. When requested items are out of stock, Business Central can automatically suggest substitutes. With fully integrated tools like a sales price/discount engine, email invoicing, built-in credit card processing, estimated shipping costs, and mobile device support, you can cut out the external software needed in a patchwork on-premises system. 

A Complete Warehouse

You know you need to understand your inventory positions to meet your order fulfillment targets. With cloud accounting, you can track every item transaction and movement. The ability to set up bins based on warehouse layout and storage dimensions gives you maximum control over stock movement. Effectively manage warehouse operations with an in-depth look at your shipping process. Using shipping forecasts you can decrease late, and missed shipments to help boost your customer satisfaction scores. Within one system you have the ability to manage cross-docking operations, keep an eye on carrier rates, increase your shipping accuracy through quicker communication, and avoid shipping errors.  

Real-time accurate financial reporting and analysis is critical in making the right business decision to support operations and growth. With complete, easy access to data, you can perform analysis and produce reports that put detailed information into the hands of decision-makers. Business Central is a comprehensive and integrated solution for small and medium organizations that helps increase profitability and gaining a competitive advantage. It allows you to create a coherent structure that apart from streamlining internal processes, allows you to optimize your contacts with business partners. Dynamics 365 Business Central has a very modular structure. This allows it to be adapted to the specific needs and pace for an always developing organization.  

A Trusted Partner

At Alta Vista Technology, we are recognized for our ability to balance each aspect of the distribution process using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This includes customer order entry requirements, demand planning, inventory management, and warehouse management. All of which run directly into your company’s financials, reporting, and analysis. 

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