Automate Your Procure-to-Pay Processes: Cut Costs, Not Corners

As your business grows, previously sufficient processes may feel the strain of increased use and demand. This increase in complexity may cause staff to feel the difficulty of trying to keep up using the same method that worked before. A simple procure-to-pay process that involved two or three steps may no longer be enough.

Productivty, Not Complexity, Follows Growth

But there’s hope, because business growth (what we all strive for) doesn’t have to coincide or give way to an increase in complexity. In fact, you can witness your business’s increase in productivity by saving time and money without cutting corners. What if you are able to automate all these new, but necessary extra steps in your procure-to-pay process? Wouldn’t that be perfect? We think so too. Intacct’s customized cloud-based solution has many automated processes that are built-in, so you just have to choose what works best for your business!

Add What You Need

With Intacct, your procure-to-pay workflow can remain as simple as Bill to Payment, if that’s all you require to maintain efficiency. However, as your business grows, as the number of users and overall demand increase, you may require a few extra steps to maintain efficiency. What used to be Bill to Payment, may now require a preceding Purchase Order step. It doesn’t stop there, of course. You’ll have the ability to implement as robust a system as you need. Consider adding Quote to Purchase Request to Purchase Order to Bill to Payment. The options and combinations are nearly infinite.

Remember, these extra steps will help you to remain efficient throughout the process. How? Because they’re automated. To complete that first extra step of submitting a Purchase Request, you don’t have create it manually and send. You can generate the request with a few clicks before sending. The same goes for the Purchase Order itself. You don’t have to make numerous calls or send follow up emails to secure approval. Intacct allows for the configuration of multiple levels of approval so the right people are immediately made aware of a pending request (See Figure 1 below).  Just imagine the time saved.

Want to streamline and automate procure-to-pay and other processes for your growing business? Contact Alta Vista Technology today.