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Save Yourself the Hassle

CRM truly is a fantastic tool. It can be as simple or as complex as you see fit. In fact, CRM can even help prompt you on information you need to provide, what products to present for cross/upsell opportunities, and even which steps to take to close a new sale. However, one thing that everyone can go without is the endless prompts to download or enable additional CRM features (especially if you already have it!).

If you haven’t caught on to what I’m referring to by now, I’ll fill you in. Have you ever seen one, or perhaps all of the following images?

Another annoying message includes the “CRM for Tablets” download message. Don’t despair, there’s hope! Here’s what you need to do to stop all these messages and popups for good.
1. First, go to Settings and then to Administration, and then
2. Click on System Settings. This will open a new window on the General tab
3. Scroll until you see Set whether users see CRM for tablets message. Change this to No
4. Next, scroll to, Set whether users see navigation tour. Change this to No
5. Navigate to the “Outlook” tab at the top of the window, scroll to the bottom
6. Change the Set whether users see CRM for Outlook message to No
7. Click OK to close the System Settings window
8. Remain on the Administration page and click Privacy Preferences
9. A new window will open, it will allow you to set your error notification preferences
10. If not already selected, select Specify the Web application error notification…
11. You can then choose to Never send an error report to Microsoft

As an added bonus, I’ll let you in on another secret. Exciting right? Have you ever tried to open an activity record or some type of custom form by clicking a button on the CRM ribbon? Has this process ever mysteriously stopped working? Chances are your pop up blocker is too blame and before you go digging into your JavaScript library, try adding an exception to your popup blocker for your CRM. Simply add [*.] to your internet browser’s site exceptions.

For Chrome:
For Internet Explorer:

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