The “RIGHT” Knowledge is Power

In Today’s world a single negative customer experience can go viral within a matter of hours. Without the right information at the right time, your customer’s experiences can go up in flames, and with it, your company’s brand. In order to avoid negative situations like these businesses must evolve and adapt to the idea that strength is not necessarily in numbers. A customer may choose to tell a friend or two of a positive experience they had with your company. That same individual may tell 5-10 people of a negative experience.

Here in lies the purpose of Knowledge Management in business today. Knowledge Management is best described as the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge. In a continued effort to provide the most holistic business productivity tools, Microsoft has introduced Knowledge Management into Dynamics CRM 2016. Here are a few of our favorite features fresh out with CRM 2016:

  • Rich Content authoring – The new rich text editor makes content authoring simple. It also allows advanced features like paste from word. If you want to test your development muscles you can even edit the HTML/source code
  • Embedded images and Videos –You can now embed videos and images to the knowledge articles. The more of the senses that you can captivate leads to greater knowledge retention
  • Versioning – This allows the Knowledge Manager to publish earlier versions and simultaneously have the authors work on the new (current) versions.
  • Knowledge Management dashboards – There are out of box interactive dashboards for Knowledge Manager (new security roles) and Knowledge Author. They provide a quick glimpse of the knowledge authoring stages (see figure 1)
  • Life cycle and article review business process flows – Perform every step of the knowledge management process with the out-of-the-box through business process flows. These can be extended through customization and solution based on your business scenario (see figure 2)

Harness Knowledge Management and utilize other features of  Dynamics CRM 2016. Contact Alta Vista Technology today.