New GP Highlight- Self-Service User Type: When Less is Better

If your small to medium size business (SMB) has a growing number of personnel whose roles require very limited access to your system, consider the Self-Service User Type designation. Dynamics GP 2015 R2 has introduced this less expensive option as a continued effort to tailor the operation to the customer’s needs. Perhaps you have users who require even less than a Limited access designation. Self-Service User Type may be the perfect fit, and will definitely save money. Let’s take a look.

When Is Self-Service a Better Fit?

The Self-Service User Type may prove ideal for those employees whose responsibilities lay outside the approval process. For example, if Employee A is not involved in approving payroll time sheets, overtime hours, purchase orders or anything immediately peripheral, Self-Service may be the best fit. Further, if Employee A is recording payroll time, documenting project time or submitted a requisition for approval, Self-Service may be ideal.

What’s more, when Employee A logs in to your system with newly tailored Self-Service User Type Access, available options are readily apparent and easily discerned. From the User Security Set Up Window, the allowed functionalities are all prefaced by “ESS” (See Figure 1, above).

Learn more about how less is sometimes better with Dynamic GP 2015 R2’s new Self-Service User Type access. Contact Alta Vista Technology today.