What is CRM and How Can it Help?

Nearly every business keeps records on their customers, right? When you spoke to them last, what they inquired about, what products or services they get from you, who their main point of contact is, everything from simple information pieces to detailed interactions. How do you keep track of all this information today? Unless you are keeping paper records, chances are you utilize some sort of CRM system.

The Definition

CRM, or C-ustomer R-esource M-anagement, is a system that allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them. It lets your company track your contacts, how they are contacted, when they were contacted last, when they expect to hear from you next, and a ton more.

Its essential functions allow you to stay on top of your processes whether it be sales, marketing, customer service, or administration. It is one of the most powerful organizational tools a business can invest in. It allows for the streamlining of the lead and prospect pipeline and the follow-ups thereafter.

Why Should I Invest in A New System?

Traditional customer tracking systems are functional, but what if they could be better? With cloud-based CRM, systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can let all the employees in your organization access the same virtual database, updating everything in real time. No extensive in-house hardware, no prolonged IT turnaround, no more installing mountains of software on each computer, tablet, and cellphone for each employee. You achieve seamless data access with a lower risk of version conflicts or conflicting reports.

Make Accounting Easier

One of the perks of a cloud CRM system is the visibility it can give your team. Imagine you have a customer with a past-due balance. In the past, your salespeople may not know this unless they are told beforehand. With cloud access to your systems, your employees can assess payment issues and assist in collection before performing another job or continuing work.

Imagine losing a customer because a salesperson didn’t know their credit limit and was working on a higher value sale than they were approved for. CRM makes all of this avoidable with streamlined information at your employees. Just check the account for the credit limit and voila, embarrassment avoided.

The Bottom Line

By taking the hours spent on repetitive manual tasks and automating them in one central location, you free up time to focus more on big-picture strategies. You can allocate resources to refine processes that are currently in place. Let the software work for you so you can focus on making your company the best that it can be. Want to know more? Call us today or drop us a line on our contact page for more information. Let Alta Vista Technology work for you!