CRM Mobile App Makeover

For years now Microsoft Dynamics CRM users have been left contemplating the very basic interface and that was the Dynamics CRM mobile application. In fact, the product seemed like more of a “Mobile Express” website trying to pass as a mobile application. Luckily for users and salespeople the world over, Microsoft has let your voices be heard.

Optimized Mobile App Forms

In this welcomed update, Microsoft is providing administrators with the flexibility to design and deploy with a few clicks of a mouse. Before you go digging into the customizations window of CRM to add, remove, and shift the fields around I’d suggest you take a breath and open the forms as is. The mobile app uses forms that have been optimized for use on a phone, but like all great innovations in technology you won’t understand it until you see it in action.

Unified Experience

Overall, the mobile app gives you a unified experience across devices and uses the same main form definition and layout as the tablet application. You’ll even notice the same icons and colors as if you were accessing CRM through your favorite internet browser. When you first sign in to CRM on your smartphone you’ll see your home page, which provides a quick overview of your CRM data, including different views and charts. Navigation is intuitive, and it’s easy to view or create new records right from your Home screen or dashboard. Just swipe left and right to view more items.

Dashboards On The Go

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the new mobile app is the fact that you can finally access Dashboards when you’re on the go.  Just like the tablet version you can “pin” items to your home screen including Dashboards and the records you most frequently access.

If you don’t already have the app then check out this link to download it today!

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